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Nightmares from My Youth

Updated: Jun 1

I started writing thrillers in the mid-nineties and wrote 14 (including over 300 rejection letters) before garnering my first two-book deal from Random House in 2000, then another in 2004. You can still find the odd copy of Cold Heart, Night Terror, The Darkening, and In Shadows on Amazon and other nether areas of the Web. Sorry. RH wasn't doing Kindle back then (no one was). While I now have the rights back, proving that to Amazon has been an ongoing struggle for my agent and me. I'll be sure to let you know as soon as they come out are released in eBook form.

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It was a crazy ride through 5 agents and then two six-figure book deals with Random House, but I learned two things the hard way. 1. That enough reader's tastes change rather quickly in the scale of things to turn a Must Read into an Also Ran. So, I spent 20 years searching for my place in things again. In fact I wrote nearly one million (that's 1,000,000) words over three series of Epic Fantasy/Steampunk all of which my agent loved and editors... not so much.

Then I decided if they weren't going to read me anyway, I'd write what I loved.

When Kindle DID arrive, I embraced it, although I had taken a hiatus from publishing while writing that epic three-series retelling of a world very similar to our own circa 3000 BC to 1918 which apparently was too Steampunk for the standard publishing world. Finally, I began publishing them on Amazon last year. If you love fantasy and Steampunk give it a glance!

But my true love since I began writing has been Supernatural Suspense ala Dean Koontz and others. So, I published books like Shiver, a novel that has all my favorites. A flawed hero encountering every obstacle life and the bad guys can throw at him. A tough woman who never meant to be a hero herself but must become one. A quirky genius who has no idea how much help he is. I could go on, but adding time travel and Nazis might strike you as over the top.

Then, of course, there is The Lake... This one kind of got away from me, and I mean that in a good way. It delves into areas a little too real and personal for me, but that's what my wife believes makes it great. I will be sending a free copy to anyone who becomes a member of my ARC team of review readers, so stay tuned.

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