Gonna Lose Those Wishes

So I’m thinking. What if a genie granted me three wishes, but they had to all be writing related? (Maybe it’s not a genie. Maybe it’s Jean Auel). What would I ask for? You have to be careful. We’ve all seen the guy who wished for a million bucks and ended up in a deer herd.

What would I want?

I have all the writing tools and software I need and paper’s cheap. I like doing my own thinking so a plot generator that only came up with bestselling story lines isn’t it. I might enjoy a home at the beach in which to write, but I’m not sure the genie is going to go for that. I’ll put it on my list to ask, though.

Time would definitely be a maybe. Plenty of time to write without distraction. But then again how would the genie provide that? He might kill off my entire family for instance or maroon me on a desert island with just a generator and computer or maybe just a pen and a case of yellow tablets. Nope. Too risky.

Money to support my lifestyle while I work would be good, I guess, but I’ve always taken pride in earning my own way. Still, the older you get the more way you want. Yep. I’ll keep that one, but I’ll be sure to phrase it tightly. I’d like to win the Megabucks is no good because It might be for a hundred thousand dollars and have four hundred winners. Hmmm. Can’t be just getting the money because maybe I discover a briefcase with a couple of million dollars in unmarked bills. We all know how that can end. No? Don’t go into fiction writing.

I guess that’s it. It just can’t be done. I’ll have to give up at least two of the wishes. Maybe one of my daughters want them.

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